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Hobby of Collecting Antique Radios

Dukes's Antique Radios has been in Osakis, Minnesota for more than 40 years,
buying, selling, trading, collecting, and repairing antique radios.

Osakis, Minnesota is located 130 miles north of Minneapolis, Mn. (half way between Minneapolis, Mn.
and Fargo ND.) 3 miles north of I-94 freeway. There are 3 antique stores and  two used merchandise/
consigment shops located in Osakis. Osakis has a population of around 1500 and is located on the shores
of  Lake Osakis, a popular fishing and recreation lake.

I purchased Duke's collection November 2012, 3 years after the original owner passed away, and
moved the collection  to a country location 7 miles east of Osakis. I have been collecting  antique radios 
for more than 40 years and have been an Amateur Radio operator for 50 years . I am also a retired electrical engineer.

For the past 3 years I have been restoring / repairing  radios aquired in the purchase of Duke's collection..
Have a look at the radios I have for sale by going back to the home page and clicking the For Sale tab.
Gallery 1 and 2 are photos of the radios I have for sale out of my collection and Gallery 3 are photos
of the radios in my collection that are not for sale.

I also have over 5000 radio tubes for individual sale to those of you needing  tubes to repair antique radios.
E-Mail me - wa0ebz@gmail.com - as to what tubes you are looking for. I will respond with availability
and cost. I have both NOS and Used. (They are not available for lot sales).

As a hobby, I repair and restore antique radios  in the local area  - drop off / pickup.
Table Radios and Tubes that are listed For Sale -  No Shipping - pickup or dilevery.
Console Radios that are listed For Sale - No Shipping - pickup or delivery.


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